i am writing about a bot that we coded to trade on cex like Binance, mxc, etc…

There is no way to follow all the market data at the same time and always. So, we decided to write a bot to follow market and to trade automatically.

According to my research, Exchanges are following the fibonacci series. I developped an algorithm to trade with this series. Very easy logic, buy from dip sell with the profit. We need to know the dip and the ATH. How can the bot decide the dip and ATH. Actually it cant know.

Here is the buy percentages in fibonacci 5 13 31 with the budget %38, rest budget 60%, rest budget 100%

Here is the sell percentages in fibonacci 5 13 31 80 with the token balances 23%, 38%, 60% and 100%

There is just some more complex algorithm how to behaviour.

i am sharing my transactions just in theese days. It is really profitable when the market is not stable :)

We are prepairing the web site for users to use this bot.

STT is coming soon …

Founder of Gimapp