Firstly, it must be easier than this. Secondly, i have been fixing some green color mirroring problem. i think it is about “GPU Rendering” issue.

Anyway lets take a look.

install all dependencies and compiler cmake and problem fixers.

i am writing about a bot that we coded to trade on cex like Binance, mxc, etc…

There is no way to follow all the market data at the same time and always. So, we decided to write a bot to follow market and to trade automatically.

According to my…

i moved postgresql database to another server and migrated datas to new postgresql server.

it started from 1 but there were 1470 datas in messages table.

you just need to change postgresql nextval with SETVAL

open your database properties (i used dbeaver for it)

find message_id column default value like

open the sql editor and execute the code

firstly, just check your nextval with

now set your wish, i wish it is better 1470 for my situation.

to check your nextval

c u

You did a proxypass to run your web site from a new server, all is working well but you are taking internal server error (500)

listened logs in new server by the command

[Wed Aug 04 17:46:39.834771 2021] [:error] [pid 76219:tid 140220137727744] [client 192.168.x.x:48738] No user or group set — set suPHP_UserGroup, referer: https://newhost.ip.address.or.domain

just you need to edit


change directory with your host directory and change usergroup with the domain username

<Directory /home/mydomainuser/public_html/>
suPHP_UserGroup mydomainuser mydomainuser

good luck!

Son üst veri süresi sona erme denetimi: 0:52:24 önce, Pzt 02 Ağu 2021 15:41:36 +03 tarihinde.
epel-release-8–11.el8.noarch paketi zaten kurulu.
Bağımlılıklar çözümlendi.
Yapılacak bir şey yok.
/var/spool/mail/root’de yeni postanız var
[root@alma ~]# dnf -y config-manager —…

CWP’nin Blacklist configuration ayarlarına ssh portunu kapatarak çözmek zorunda kaldım. Tabiki allow kısmında erişecek ip adresleri tanımlı. Add an Entry ile denyINbound TCP connections when: — The connection recipient matches IP address — The recipient’s port matches from port 22 up to 22.

Assuming you’re on a Linux or Windows console:

Prompt for password:

Enter password directly (not secure):

CWP yeni kurulmuş ve test page çıkıp duruyor.

/usr/local/apache/conf/httpd.conf dosyasına baktığınızda defaultunuz da /usr/local/apache/htdocs olarak görünüyor.

yeni bir user veya domain eklemeniz bişey değiştirmiyor.

Problem kafanızı iyice karıştırmaya başladı

Çözüm çok basit aslında

user yerine gelin ip adresi olarak modemin ipdeğil sunucunun yerel ip adresini yazın böylece vhost klasörleri kullanılmaya başlayacaktır.

Not mahiyetinde yazdığım için kusura bakmayın :)

i had rented a hashpower from genesin-mining. The date was 23.05.2017

than my hash power came to end.

i had collected 2.36 LTC after genesis-mining changed its rent policy.

it was not a valuable thing but everyday ltc was coming to my wallet

i exported my private key and i deleted all blockchain at 2018

after 3 years today LTC came to a valuable coin and than i find out i have a private key in the file like this.

“shared_key”: “c11b0c6d108a916a837e3d197069b7e38d698a43b8a73622188594fdb2e0c618605b6fb26d7e3a3454b432a00a9d78c1”,
“addresses”: {
“LPU76DHkKKjiQsyZwxPik3b7zqrfHQWTy4”: {
“label”: “”,
“priv”: “TA1UmqPFtpLE5WrMs4JhuXXPSny7pDnTvVGuht5LSKf7dwsjrrgu”

i downloaded all blockchain again than entered console

Mustafa Ülker

Founder of Gimapp

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